The Horinouchi, Tagashira and Mikkaichiba residential clusters in Kamishiro District, which are located near the epicenter of the 2014 Northern Part of Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Earthquake (M J6.7) damaged due to the failure of the terrace slope. In order to analyze the collapse mechanism, it is very important to evaluate the ground motion at the residential cluster sites considering local site effects. In this paper, we show our microtremor measurement in Tagashira residential cluster and preliminary results of ground motion estimation at the measurement sites in the cluster. In particular, first, array measurement of microtremor with high density along the terrace slope of interest was carried out. Using the transfer function with respect to toe of the slope based on results of the microtremor measurement, degree of amplification effect of the ground motion between 0.2Hz and 10Hz was then evaluated. Finally, the ground motion was estimated based on the evaluated amplification function.