The Geological Hazard Prevention Map of Catalonia 1:25,000 (MPRG25M) developed by the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) is a multi-hazard map, which includes the representation of natural hazards evidence, phenomena and susceptibility generated by external and internal geodynamics. The MPRG25M is conceived to be used for land use planning and risk management by the competent authorities. The main challenge of the map is the graphic representation for the easy reading of the overlapping hazard of the danger of different phenomena. The map is intended to enable government and individuals to have an overview of the territory identifying areas where it is advisable to carry out detailed studies for planning purposes. Nowadays the Geological Hazard Information System of Catalonia (SIRGC) is being implemented. This database incorporates all the information from the MPRG25M project.