This paper presents a summary of the main issues covered by and in part a critical review of the papers submitted in Session 4, Human Induced Landslides. The papers cover a wide range of topics which apart from having some human element in them and dealing with landslides have little relation to each other. The topics include landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk zoning in natural and constructed slopes; the prediction and management of hazards posed by large landslides in dam reservoirs; fragmentation of rocks in rock falls, and design of rock slopes; monitoring of landslides by remote imaging and in-situ instruments and some issues relating to geotechnical characterization and stabilization of individual landslides; The wide range of topics has made it difficult to present a coherent paper and only some specific issues are discussed. Where appropriate information from the authors own experience on the topics has been added. Two case studies which are related to the theme are presented.