322A compact, low power, portable 200 kV high voltage DC power supply has been designed and developed at IPR, Gandhinagar. The design is based on symmetrical Cockroft-Walton voltage generator with a high frequency front-end converter. The high voltage is generated by a series fed seven-stage voltage multiplier circuit driven by a 15.8 kHz quasi sine wave inverter. A 17 kV-0-17 kV, 15.8 kHz ferrite core transformer interfaces the voltage multiplier circuit with IGBT based half-bridge inverter. The use of high frequency gives us advantages of less ripple, faster response, and low stored energy in the system. Additionally the scheme allows the use of smaller capacitor and magnetic parts thus minimizing the weight of components and improving portability of the system. With a brief introduction on design aspects of voltage multiplier, this chapter describes the design features and developmental aspects of various components for 200 kV power supply viz., high frequency inverter, high voltage high frequency transformer, high voltage feed through (HV bushings) and voltage multiplier circuit in detail. This power supply will be used as a DC source for HV testing of electrical installations in future.