160Non-revenue water (NRW) is water that has been produced and is “lost” before it reaches the customer. In this work the combination of direct numerical simulation (DNS) and geographic information system (GIS) presents a new algorithmic contribution for recognition of NRW. As the main idea, this work presents the role of rapid data intercommunication related to the intelligent water system pressure management for reduction of NRW. Hence the programmable logic control (PLC) systems incorporated with highly advanced flow and pressure sensors and equipped with data logger system were applied in this work. Pressure management is a major element in the leakage management strategy. Pressure reduction is probably the simplest and most immediate way of reducing leakage within the distribution system. As a result, this work shows the performance of the web GIS for water system data intercommunication and calibration which has an important role on management of urban water system failure. This work reveals that the future of the urban water cycle depends on the joint efforts of cities, utilities, and industries.