Steel making process is familiar with environmental issues (high energy usage, carbon emission, pollution, etc.) but yet, the production demands keep rising as for the development of the industry nowadays [1, 2]. The metallurgists come up with heat treatment techniques that apply to steel in order to control the issues, a technique which increases the durability and prolongs the product life of the steel since the raw material of the steels is a non-renewable resource and keep depleting. Heat treatment by pack carburizing is the alternative to keep the product life cycle sustained. The pack carburizing is the most environmental friendly compared to the other steel heat treatment (low energy usage, less contaminate waste) but the carbon diffusion, which represent the efficiency of the hardness properties of the product were often limited [3]. Thus the research by using alteration of the pack carburizing medium to increase the carbon dispersion was found by using paste, a water based pack carburizing medium. By using paste medium, it can increase the life of the steels and contributed toward the sustainable environment.