Lennox Bridge is a sandstone arch bridge located on Church Street over the Parramatta River in the Parramatta CBD in New South W ales. The Bridge was constructed in 1839 and is the second oldest road bridge still in operation in Australia, after Lansdowne Bridge completed in 1836. The bridge was widened with a reinforced concrete arch in 1935 and new portals were constructed through the abutments in 2014. The bridge is owned by City of Parra matta Council, managed by Roads and Maritim e Services and listed on the State Heritage Register in NSW.

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 (PLR) is a new 12 km long light rail system that will operate between Westmead and Carlingford through the Parram atta CBD where the light rail will cross Lennox Bridge. A condition assessment of the bridge was undertaken as part of the asset assurance process for the retained assets in the light rail corridor. The condition assessm ent comprised combined geotechnical and structural investigations and a structural assessm ent. This paper discusses the asset assurance process and highlights the lessons learned for future applications.