The relevance of fibre reinforced cementitious materials (FRC) has increased due to the appearance of regulations that establish the requirements needed to take into account the contribution of the fibres in the structural design. However, in order to exploit the properties of such materials it is a key aspect being able to simulate their behaviour under fracture conditions. Considering a cohesive crack approach, several authors have studied the suitability of using several softening functions. However, none of these functions can be directly applied to FRC. The present contribution analyses the suitability of multilinear softening functions in order to obtain simulation results of fracture tests of a wide variety of FRC. The implementation of multilinear softening functions has been successfully performed by means of a material user subroutine in a commercial finite element code obtaining accurate results in a wide variety of FRC. Such softening functions were capable of simulating a ductile unloading behaviour as well as a rapid unloading followed by a reloading and afterwards a slow unloading. Moreover, the implementation performed has been proven as versatile, robust and efficient from a numerical point of view.