The aim of this research was to increase the quality of the learning process through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) implementation. This technology was implemented in early childhood education programs (PAUD) at Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha as a pilot study. The product provided the flexibility for students to identify the objects around them. The object was given a RFID card as an identification number, while the information was saved in the database server as text. The communication that is used in this process is radio frequency transmission. Algorithm of conversion from text to audio was also implemented in this research. This research used a prototyping methodology to produce a RFID as a learning tool. The research revealed that the use of RFID as a learning media helped to build creativity and courage, while at the same time provided an exercise to develop listening skills and the ability to communicate ideas, although it was not very suitable for students who learn visually and kinesthetically.