In the second part of the joint research project, the partners performed model calculations on two different underground structures in order to check, demonstrate and compare the abilities of their constitutive models and calculation tools. The first structure was a 35-year-old horizontal drift in 720 m depth in the salt mine “Sondershausen”, the second consisted of a room-and-pillar model bearing system with a pillar slenderness of α = 1 under three different loads. The results from the benchmark calculations of the project partners are discussed in comparison with each other and, in case of the horizontal drift, also with in-situ measurements. Except for two calculations of the slender pillar under very high loads, all partners got comparable results with a good agreement between the measured and the calculated minimum stresses, deformation rates as well as the permeability profiles of the 35-year-old drift in the Sondershausen salt mine.