Applications like, change detection, global monitoring, disaster detection and management have emerging requirements that need the availability of large amounts of data. This data is currently being captured by a multiplicity of instruments and Earth Observation (EO) sensors originating large volumes of data that needs to be stored, processed and accessed in order to be useful. The authors of this paper have been involved on an ESA-founded project, called HICOD2000 to study the applicability of the new image encoding standard -JPEG2000 – to EO products. This paper presents and describes the system that was developed for HICOD2000 project, which allows, not only the encoding and decoding of several EO products, but also supports some of the security requirements identified previously that allows ESA to define and apply efficient EO data access security policies and even to exploit some EO products electronic commerce over the Internet. This system was integrated with the existing ESA Ground Segment systems specifically the Services Support Environment (SSE).