Students’ academic success includes aspects of academic achievement, the achievement of learning outcomes, the acquisition of skills and competencies, satisfaction, and persistence, and determines post-college further education. The purpose of guidance and counseling in schools is to play a role in the optimal development of student potential. Guidance and counseling use multiple services to develop student academic success. Individual student planning services support learners in formulating and conducting activities related to planning their futures according to an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as an understanding of the opportunities available in their environment. In terms of the development of student academic success in middle school, counselors facilitate students by helping them understand their potential through interventions such as individual appraisals, helping students to interpret their self-potential test results, and providing information on further study and work on the basis of student potential. Individual planning service strategies can be implemented through classroom guidance, in both group and individual settings, and may involve other relevant stakeholders.