Health and hygiene are subjects which are inextricably intertwined from ages. Water bodies have been continuously contaminated by plastic, trash, industrial and domestic waste, oil spills and to name a few, causing detrimental health effects to aquatic creatures, polluting the water and ultimately affecting human health in the form of cancer, low immunity and even birth defects. Also, the smell from the contaminated water is directly disposed to air. This paper focuses on creating a model which can be used in ponds, rivers and other water bodies for collecting the floating waste from water surface and its effective removal in order to control the aquatic contamination. Other objective is to eliminate the oxygen level depletion problem due to presence of algal bloom and water hyacinth which poses a threat to aquatic life. The prototype is to be designed with Arduino interfacing with Bluetooth module and motor. Further, conveyor belt and net can be added for collecting the trash. This can ultimately assist the humans in removing the floating water waste safely and easily, making it more reliable and sustainable. In trash bots, fuzzy logic can help the bot to plan its path accordingly. It also helps in voltage and current regulation as the load in the bot varies due to waste collection.