Alcohol use among young people especially among university and college student has becoming a growing concern. Moreover the alcohol is the commonly used by students has various bad effects in this population include difficulties while learning and academic problems such as not regular in attendance, poor academic performance, speculative behavior, sexual abuse and so on. As in universities and colleges students came from different locations and it causes many problems when a student enters in college. In order to solve this problem, we proposed Alcohol Detection System which aims to be continue observing the alcoholic person on any college and university and tracking the location of the camping area. We use alcohol sensor which senses the intent of alcohol in hominal breath. In case that alcohol suck in by person is over threshold value then immediately the LCD blinks and also start alarm buzzer and finally give the alert via message to the head of the campus. Basically, alcohol detection in campus is designed for student safety and also maintains the discipline and decorum of the university.