Ragi, Eleusine coracana, is a tall grass that is also well-known finger millet, African millet. It has tufted stalks, each with 4–6 spikes. Both upland and irrigated forms are cultivated from Northern Africa to Indonesia. Ragi gives a very high yield, frequently exceeding 1,500 pounds per acre. In India, it is a major food crop, especially during the rainy season. The grain is free from insects and can be stored for lengthy periods. Its flour is used for puddings and cakes, and a fermented drink is prepared from the grain. Many pathogen species cause diseases that cause major economic and production losses in the agricultural industry worldwide. Early monitoring of plant health and detecting the pathogen are important to decrease the disease intensity and spread and eco-friendly management practices. Molecular diagnostic techniques used in plant disease diagnostic clinics want to be inexpensive, robust, reliable, and easy to handle that they can compete with, and accompaniment traditional techniques. Recently, effective intensification platforms, probe improvement, several quantitative PCR (qPCR), DNA barcoding, and RNA-Seq-based next-generation sequencing have modernized the research 222in fungal detection field, and diversity area. Though the molecular diagnostics techniques have grown extensively over the last couple of decades still there is an extensive way to go in the development and tender of molecular diagnostics to support the plant disease diagnosticians.