In this work, a mathematical model of human cardiovascular muscle dynamics has been developed using lumped parameter approach. Basically linear control system based approach is used here to develop this model. The model is comprised of three parts. Fluid viscosity, mass and young’s modulus of elasticity. The proposed model has been simulated in MATLAB software after finding overall transfer function when two cells are connected in series has taken into consideration. The beauty of this work is describing the system based on the lumped parameters and then simulating mathematical model based equations with active electrical elements. Terminology of human physical system and required physical data like cardiac muscle mass based on age, constant of elasticity etc., which are required to calculate in terms of electrical circuit parameters like inductance, capacitance and resistance are taken from reputed medical books. The proposed model will be very much helpful to understand the dynamics of human cardiovascular muscle and related syndromes. Another objective of this work is the designing of controller. Here a PID controller is designed and explained in detail using Z-N tuning method to improve the system response of the above described model which will be beneficial for future research work.