Sweetened Cheeseball or Rasgulla (as known in India) is a delicious sweet originated from West Bengal, India. It has nutritive value that provides several health benefits. Pineapple, the queen of fruits as termed for its excellent flavor and aroma, is one of the most important fruit crops in India. In this experiment, we have combine the values that pineapple provides as a fruit with normal rasgulla that is prepared from channa or cottage cheese. Antioxidant profiling through HPLC and sensorial attributes has been analyzed for pineapple rasgulla prepared with 10%, 20%, 30% and 50% pineapple powder (with respect to channa or cottage cheese weight) respectively and compared it with normal rasgulla available in shops selling these sweets. It has been found that the rasgulla All the pineapple rasgulla undergone same type of preparation process, the pineapple rasgulla with 20% pineapple powder got higher hedonic rating therefore higher acceptability from the panellists and also shown higher polyphenol content in HPLC. which have been lacking in standard rasgulla.