According to the 1994 US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), a nutritional supplement is defined as a product (other than tobacco) intended to supplement the diet, which contains one or more dietary ingredients (vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, or amino acids) and is intended to be taken orally as a pill, tablet, capsule, or liquid [1]. In 1989, Dr. Stephen DeFelice coined the term nutraceutical from the words nutrition and pharmaceutical. Nutraceutical is defined as a food (or part of a food) that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of a disease [2] (Table 2.1). Select Herbal Supplements and Their Plant Names

Herbal Supplement

Plant Name


Zingiber officinale

Turkey tail mushroom

Coriolus versicolor

Maitake mushroom

Grifola frondosa


Curcuma longa


Allium sativum


Korean ginseng: Panax ginseng

American ginseng: Panax quinquefolius

South China ginseng: Panax notoginseng

Green tea

Camellia sinensis

Bromelain (extract)

Ananas comosus


Glycyrrhiza sp.

Red clover

Trifolium pratense

Milk thistle

Silybum marianum