Aguamiel is a natural product obtained from Agave plants. In Mexico, over 200 Agave species can be found across all the territory but aguamiel it is not produced in all species. Some of the species producers of aguamiel are Agave salmiana, Agave atrovirens or Agave mapisaga to name some of them. Aguamiel is a liquid product and can be used as a beverage or as a raw material to produce some commercial products like “pulque” or “pulque’s bread”; it takes a long time to be produced by the plant and recollection is done manually. Sugars are the main compounds in aguamiel, including glucose, sucrose, fructose, and a quantity of short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides; also, it contains some minerals like Mg+2 and Ca+2, saponins and a few amino acids. The presence of fructo-oligosaccha- rides brings some health benefits to this sap; for example, acts as prebiotic or enhances mineral absorption of mineral in the colon. Due to the beneficial properties and composition that it presents, aguamiel may be used as a new alternative to improve nutraceutical of functional foods.