Slovakia is situated in the Central Europe between 47° 44’ and 49° 37’ northern latitude and between 16° 50’ and 22° 34’ eastern longitude. The area of Slovakia covers 49,036 km2. Territory of Slovakia belongs to the Palearctic realm, Euro-Siberian region, Pannonian Province and the Middle European Forest province (Udvardy, 1975). Two main geomorphological phenomena create the background for biodiversity – mountains of the Carpathian massif and lowlands outreaching from Pannonian region. The altitude ranges from 94 m to 2,655 m a.s.l. This highest point (Gerlach peak) is also the highest peak of the whole Carpathian massif. The highest average temperature is in Pannonian region, in its southwest part. In January, which the coldest month, is average temperature ranges from –1 to 2°C, in July, which is the warmest month, is average temperature from 18 to 21°C. Annual average temperature in Pannonian region is from 9 to 11°C. According to altitude the annual average temperature increases in 1000 m a.s.l. to 4–5°C, in 2000 m a.s.l. to −1°C. The lowest temperature recorded ever is –41°C from locality Vígľaš-Pstruša (11.2. 1929), the highest is 40.3°C from Hurbanovo meteorological station (20 July 2007). (https://www.shmu.sk).