Service quality has captured the attention of many service marketing researchers over past three decades. Globalization and information technology development have witnessed the metamorphosis from traditional to digital business, and service quality has been replaced by mobile service quality. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) refers to any transaction trough mobile devises. Siau et al. (2001) defined m-commerce as innovative and new version of electronic commerce, in which transactions are conducted through wireless telecommunication network. This chapter undertakes a systematic review of mobile commerce service quality (m-CSQ)-related articles to critically analyze scale development methodology and to know major determinants of measurement scales in different contexts of mobile commerce. An extensive qualitative literature review of 68 m-CSQ measurement scale-related articles have been conducted to fulfill above objectives. Articles were selected from EBSCOhost, ABI/INFORM, Google Scholar, ProQuest Direct, Wiley, Scopus, ScienceDirect, and Emerald Insight databases by manual search. Initially, 122 articles were identified by this process. After further refining, a total of 68 articles were included in this study. Data were analyzed in two steps; in first step m-CSQ scale development process adopted by different authors has been explored and in second step different determinants of measurement scale have been identified in 320four major mobile commerce contexts. Furthermore, countries of origin of the studies were also explored for better understanding of growth and development of different context of mobile commerce and overall conceptual framework of m-CSQ has been developed. M-commerce was divided into different contexts such as m-retailing, m-heath, m-internet, m-entertainment, m-telecommunication, m-service, m-banking, and m-payment. Privacy and security, content, responsiveness, efficiency, reliability, ease of use, and usefulness were identified as consistent determinants of m-CSQ measurement scales in most of the contexts. This chapter provides framework of m-CSQ scale to guide managers and scholars to identify crucial determinants of m-CSQ in different contexts.