The field of plant-insect interactions has exploded with information, particularly in the area of the chemical or physiological mechanisms of these interactions. While the effects of plant allelochemics on immediate behavioral responses have received a great deal of attention for many years, only more recently have the more chronic effects on growth and development been studied extensively. This chapter is an attempt to compile much of this growth and development literature. The rapid increase in this one small aspect of the chemical basis of plant-insect interactions is illustrated by the 35 references tabulated by Beck and Reese 1 vs. the more than 100 references tabulated in this chapter. The reader is also referred to recent books edited by Rodriguez, 2 Maxwell and Harris, 3 Jermy, 4 Gilbert and Raven, 5 Wallace and Mansell, 6 Hedin, 7 Labeyrie, 8 Marini-Bettolo, 9 Chapman and Bernays, 10 Rosenthal and Janzen, 11 Warthen, 12 Maxwell and Jennings, 13 and Harris. 14 Sizeable portions of the literature on plant-insect interaction and host plant resistance have also been reviewed by Beck, 15 Beck and Reese, 1 Rosenthal, 16 Russell, 17 Burnett et al., 18 Bernays and Chapman, 183 Panda, 19 and Waiss et al. 20 Most recently, the literature has been summarized by Rosenthal 21 and Hedin. 22