Data science has changed how we use information (van der Aalst, 2016). Growing from roots spread across data mining, statistics, computer science, and other fields (Provost & Fawcett, 2013a), data science embraces analytic approaches applied to data generated across nearly every field. The result is a nearly unprecedented growth in the demand for data science skills among job seekers (Debortoli, Müller & vom Brocke, 2014) as every business attempts to find the truths hidden in their data. This has also expanded into government, both military and civilian sectors, as social leaders push to use data available to them (Bertot & Choi, 2013). There are many potential applications of big data to the government, regulatory, military, and law enforcement (Kim, Trimi & Chung, 2014) and the military views big data as disruptive technology Symon & Tarapore, 2015).