The world of science and engineering today stands in the midst of deep scientific vision and vast scientific comprehension. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and material science, in the similar manner, stand in the crucial juncture of scientific forbearance and deep scientific ingenuity. Nanomaterials and engineered nanomaterials are the scientific innovations of today and are surpassing vast and versatile scientific frontiers. CNTs are the smart material of today’s modern human civilization. In this chapter, the author deeply comprehends the utmost need, the vast scientific vision, and the scientific profundity in the application of CNTs in diverse areas of science and engineering. Nanotechnology and material science are the two opposite sides of the visionary coin in today’s modern civilization. This chapter unravels the immense importance of nanomaterials and engineered nanomaterials such as CNTs in the furtherance of science and engineering today. Scientific research pursuit today stands in the crucial juncture of deep scientific vision and vast scientific ingenuity. The author, with vast scientific truth, opens a new chapter in the field of research pursuit in CNTs 174and delineates in deep details the future flow of scientific thoughts in the field of its applications.