This chapter is an exploratory study that describes some Indonesian traditional playing as learning strategy in kindergarten setting to develop ecological literacy skill of children. Ecological literacy skill is crucial ecause it is believed to be one of the solutions to overcome global warming. The ability to understand the basic principles of ecology and to live accordingly should be developed from early years as children have the potential skill of curiosity and affinity for nature. Play-based learning is assumed to be a suitable learning strategy as children love playing. The learning is implemented in a form of games. Furthermore, Indonesia is a rich country with its natural resources and cultural values in which hundreds of tribes are live and has many different kinds of traditional games that suitable for children. Some of the games have natural content values that promote ecological literacy skills to children. Therefore, this study explores its implementation through qualitative approach to analyze its potential as learning strategy in Indonesian kindergarten setting. The study involved two kindergartens. The analysis identified that some Indonesian traditional playing namely icikibung, babalonan, leuluetakan, huhuian and orayorayan have potential as learning strategies in developing some aspects of ecological literacy skills in children. The five traditional games were then implemented in the kindergartens as learning strategies. The result shows that the five traditional games that have been implemented in the kindergartens are effective in developing ecological literacy of children in terms of understanding key concepts and ecological connectivity, appreciate the links between human action and the environment, and introducing the children about how to care and share natural resources, such as water, air, land and energy. However, the element of thinking scientifically about ecological issues has not fully explored yet by the using of traditional games as the learning strategy. Therefore, further research is needed to investigate this matter.