Civic Education is a subject whose main purpose is to form good citizens. One way to form good citizens, of course, is by knowing and implementing their rights and obligations as citizens. Through the learning process and the content of Civic Education material on the rights and obligations of citizens, it is expected to be able to achieve these goals. One of the distinctive features of Civic Education subject is the content of the material which is required for concepts and theories. The problem is that many educators who still use conventional learning in Civic Education learning are included in choosing their learning media. As a result, Civic Education learning feels boring and its main purpose is difficult to achieve. One of the media that can help attract students’ interest in the Civic Education learning process is interactive media using courselab applications. In addition to the selection of instructional media, the content of Civic Education material must also be easily understood, one of which is by connecting the concept/material with the appropriate environment with students. The development of the material can be done contextually. So the use of interactive learning media courselab supported with a charge-based Civic Education contextual material can be assisting in building awareness of the rights and obligations of citizens.