Realizing social justice for all Indonesian, as mandated by the fifth principle of Pancasila, is not only related to improving the living standards of the Indonesian people fairly and indiscriminately but also can be known from how justice is represented in the mass media. iPusnas is an application that is able to contribute to social justice in terms of access to information for all Indonesian people. This study aims to reveal how online media is framing news about iPusnas. This is a qualitative descriptive study with document study data collection methods. The unit of analysis in this study is news articles on online news on metrotvnews.com about iPusnas which were analyzed by framing method. It was found that www.metrotvnews.com frames news about iPusnas as a solution to the problem of unequal information access among the Indonesian people. The implication of this research is that it can be input for certain news agencies to consider social justice in terms of access to information as an important theme.