Development in communication technology makes it easier for humans to interact and communicate, and the upcoming of various types and forms of gadget completes the ease of humans in communicating and interacting. Messages of communication that could only be delivered through the mass media before, now on can be produced individually by using Internet facilities through various gadgets. That is, now anyone can deliver any communication messages to the community, including communication messages with hoaxes because the message is not supported with data and facts. The question is, how is local journalists in Bandung opinion to the hoax existence? To answer the question, the author researches it with qualitative approach.The results obtained through interviews with local journalists in Bandung show that their opinion to the hoax is very diverse and complex, but according to informants, hoax for local journalists in Bandung could have positive aspects that are cognitive, affective, and conative. In addition, it can also have negative aspects such as decrease of trust, disturbing relations, extra jobs, and technical glitches.