The existence of Public Spaces is very important for people living in urban areas. One of the most important public spaces for the society could be found in the Kalijodo area, Jakarta, Indonesia. This research was conducted to find out the changes in interaction patterns carried out by children, adolescents, and the elderly and the impacts felt by the society since the existence of since the existence of the Kalijodo Public Space. The approach used in this research was mixed method through questionnaire, interview, observation, and literature study with a total sample of 147. The results show that the existence of the Kalijodo Public Space made the intergenerational interaction pattern increase. This increase was due to the results of interactions that occur in the activities of the society in this place. These activities include sports, recreation, and various other social activities. The various activities that took place in the Kalijodo Public Space triggered the harmony of the people living in this place. In addition, the existence of the Kalijodo Public Space in this area had resulted in a decrease in criminality and social problems inherent in this place. This was because the presence of this public space could open access to jobs for people in this place. Changes that occurred after the presence of this public space made the image of the Kalijodo area previously attached to change from negative to positive.