Da‘wah is the duty of every people in carrying out his duties as Caliph on this earth. But, today there is something wrong with the way of da‘wah in the society. Nowadays, da‘wah is carried out anarchically, full of ridicule, prioritizing groups or groups who are using coercive ways. However, true da‘wah is the activity of peaceful invitation, doing good, and preventing the act of munkar. On the basis of this, it is necessary to bring up the da‘wah approach that carries the cultural power in affirming the peaceful tradition among the people. The purpose of writing this article is to know the form of cultural dakwah Sunan Gunung Djati and its function as an affirmation of peaceful tradition among the people. This research uses qualitative approach with critical discourse analysis method. Data collection technique uses documentation study, field study with interviews, and online data tracking. This study uses literature review of current scientific books and papers of leading international journals. The result of the research shows that 1) the form of cultural da’wah of Sunan Gunung Djati is carried out through peaceful and dynamic approach, using local cultural symbols (wayang and gamelan) as well as raising good role model; 2) cultural da’wah includes two main functions, the function of conveying the aspirations of the people and the intermediary function to conveying the values of Islamic teachings contained in the Qur‘an and Sunnah peacefully.