The existence of local culture which contains the values of local wisdom as the identity of the Indonesian nation has at present times began to erode with the inclusion of foreign cultural influences in the midst of the current of modernization. The current of modernization and globalization that spread in the joints of the art of human life has made people less aware of maintaining local customs and cultural traditions such as the tradition of demanding houses where their existence is very concerning. The shift in the local cultural values of the tradition of brushing the house on the stage was due to the lack of awareness of the indigenous Kranggan people on the importance of maintaining the tradition to be desired and the strong influence of the immigrant community. For this reason, the elites such as traditional leaders, community leaders, Tourism & Culture, Culture and the Bekasi City government play a strategic role in providing moral awareness and role models so that the tradition of defending the house can still be maintained as a legacy ancestors of karuhun.