School as an educational institution cannot be separated from the conflict. Conflicts that occur in students in schools are marked by actions or violations of school rules and policies. These conflicts are generally physical violence, gossip, bullying, and harassment of words, all of which violate school rules and regulations. Peer mediation is one alternative to conflict resolution education in schools, so that learners are able to deal with and resolve conflicts among them constructively. Peer mediation as a conflict resolution education model teaches learners to help mediate the disputes that their friends are experiencing at school. Conflict resolution education through peer mediation provides an opportunity for learners to learn to deal with conflicts with peaceful alternatives to settling disputes. Through this program, learners learn about differences of opinion, learn to listen, try to understand other people’s point of view, and learn to keep the honor of the parties in conflict. By involving peers, conflict resolution will be easier, because peer relationships are considered safer and more comfortable to share, protect, and love each other.