Tourism is considered as a means to stimulate other sector’s productiveness including in Indonesia. This country has considered tourism to be the main foreign exchange income. Indonesia consists of 34 provinces. It has 222 developing tourism destinations. At this point, the government can only focus on prioritizing 10 destinations only. That leaves the other destinations with lack of development as well as marketing effort, despite they have strong potentials and quite ready to be visited by certain types of tourists. This study was conducted in regard to the impurity in the destination marketing endeavor in Indonesia. By far, marketing priorities only focus on certain destinations. This was allegedly due to difficulties in working on marketing destinations in Indonesia as a whole. The study used a qualitative analytical method with a developmental study approach. The data collected is secondary data obtained from literature review and observation. This application allows local tourism activists in each destination, who have not the received marketing attention, to design and share tour packages on their destinations easily. Thus, tourists can easily choose tour packages in even remote places. This paper concludes to establish a digital application that can enable the locals of each destination to market their own place by creating interesting trips using a front-end user feature in a marketplace platform. This is to enable local tour organizers to market their own destinations digitally.