One of the national priority programs of the General Elections Commission (KPU) is to form a Smart House Election (Rumah Pintar Pemilu/RPP) in every province and district/city in Indonesia. In 2018, the government targeted that RPP services are available in all Indonesia regions. Smart house election (RPP) becomes important as a way to educate citizens about elections and democracy. This article aims to analyze and elaborate further on the potential of RPP as a source of continued learning political education. How the development model, governance, and guidelines of the political learning process are all designed is based on the needs analysis by involving the elements of local wisdom. This research employed development method or research and development. The data were taken through in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and the study of documention. Later, the data were triangulated through source and data collection techniques. The result of this research is a model for the development of Smart House Elections, in which it can be used as a way of continuous political education.