This study provides empirical evidence of the gender disparity in tourism management in Indonesia, especially in the involvement in planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. The data were taken from a survey of 400 respondents working in tourism industry, comprising 200 men and 200 women, in Karanganyar Regency, Indonesia. The data were analyzed using spider-web chart. Gender disparity exists in the involvement of women and men in the tourism management in Indonesia. The highest gender disparity occurs in the involvement of men and women in the planning phase of tourism management. On the other hand, the involvement of men and women in the implementation phase indicates the lowest gender disparity in tourism management. Meanwhile, in the monitoring and evaluation phases, gender disparity occurs in between planning and implementation phases. Gender disparity still exists in Indonesian tourism management. This study suggests the Indonesian Government to accelerate gender mainstreaming in tourism management through integration of gender issues into the government tourism program.