Pedophilic sexual disorders towards children are increasingly worrisome, some of which often make us confused how this can happen. This is partly due to the environmental conditions of the surrounding communities, which are, at the beginning, considered as safe areas for families. However, in reality, it was actually the closest person who turned out to be the perpetrator in many pedophilic cases. This research applies a qualitative approach, making use of interview techniques carried out with families of victims and community leaders. This research indicates that the community has a very crucial role in giving attention to children. The method of social awareness as an alarm warning in the surrounding environment is a step expected to encourage the community to behave through a process of confession, providing guidance and integrated assistance in case of symptoms that are suspicious from the way children play and gather. It is indicated that a lot of children cover up a deviation because of threats and also as a friendship solidarity, though they often do not know that this is a sexual disorder act toward themselves.