This article gives an overview of the use of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to be utilized as a means of conflict resolution in the Junior High School level in an effort to restore the identity of the nation of Indonesia. Writing using literature or also known as the study of texts is administered. One reason for using this method is to understand deeply and comprehensively about conflict resolution, problem-based learning, and the identity of the Indonesian nation. The use of PBL model provides the opportunity for students to develop their thoughts in order to resolve the conflict in the form of learning in the classroom. Students are able to feel like a real case in the field. Menggunakan PBL model, expected to prevent conflicts, may continue to do so to maintain our nation’s identity. Identity of the nation based on Pancasila is meant here also as the Indonesian human personality able to appreciate the difference, conscious of tolerance, willingness to work, and appreciate the history. PBL is able to resolve conflicts that arise by instilling tolerance and mutual respect that is built up in the communication. PBL can also restore the Indonesian national identity through learning.