The purpose of this study was to develop audiovisual learning media by using a valid and practical pinnacle studio on Penal Law course in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Pancasila and Civic Education Study Program of Sriwijaya University, Indonesia, so that it was expected to increase student motivation and learning outcomes. Thus, the knowledge gained by students can be used in community life, nation, and state. The research subjects were students who took Penal Law course in the 2018–2019 Odd Semester determined by Random Sampling technique. This study was a type of research and development. After the research process obtained the average validation test, the results were 85.3% consisting of language test, material and learning media test as an indicator that the learning media was valid to use. Then as an improvement, researchers conducted trials with various stages, namely one to one, small group and field evaluation where the results show this learning media is practical to use.