This paper describes the transformation of the Kampong Cireundeu which is a village of indigenous people who have wisdom of the local food movement. The Cireundeu indigenous community is one of the communities of Sunda Wiwitan, a group of communities spread in several regions of West Java. The Cireundeu indigenous community have been consuming cassava since 1918. This tradition has been inherited from generation to generation. The consumption of cassava is a legacy of their ancestors that is still maintained today. This is the socio-cultural power of the indigenous people of Kampong Cireundeu. They have a philosophical basis for consuming cassava as their main food. In fact, local food wisdom has transformed into a food-based local social movement that carries a comparative discourse against global phenomena. More specifically, this paper discusses the process and dynamics of transformation towards the local food movement and further create a food justice in terms of critique to the modernization and global capitalism.