This research has a purpose for overcoming a problem such as environmental damage or damage in ethical values which are a guideline in the community. Implementation of indigenous peoples’ local wisdom values at Kampung Cireundeu, Cimahi Town, West Java is one of the efforts to inherit noble values towards the current generation to maintain the balance of the ecological system and the social system through the behavior of ordinary life. The purpose of this research is to see the form of transformation that occurs in the communities that reside in Kampung Cireundeu, in terms of social, economic, and educational politics, technology, and many other. The method used for the research is descriptive method with qualitative research. The techniques for collecting data are field observation and interview when there are 5 people as the informants. The result of the research shows the implementation of local wisdom values in the communities that reside in Kampung Cireundeu continuously to be held and there is no doubt that there are social changes in terms of aspects of life in society, in terms of social, economic, political, educational, technological, and other aspects.