Bandung became one of the cities with a culinary paradise in Indonesia. The cafes in Bandung became one of the culinary tourism destinations. The students as the visitors are the target of a cafe or culinary businessman. In this modern era, eating is no longer just about how to feel full, but becomes a lifestyle. The students usually take a lot of considerations when they want to eat, because they want to catch every moment of eating together with friends, so they would tend to choose a comfortable place to talk. The purpose of this study was to determine the general arguments of the students’ behavior in choosing their type of foods and beverages in the cafe. The approach of this study was descriptive qualitative method that described and depicted an event naturally. The data collection in this study employed participatory observation, deep interviews, documentary studies, literature studies, and diary methods. The results showed that the presence of more and more cafes in Bandung make a change for students’ behavior in determining the type of food and beverages to be consumed while hanging out in cafes with their friends. This study can be implemented in sociology, especially the matter of social cultural change and social welfare.