The Brazilian “popular universe” in the last decade has drawn attention to its expansion and an aesthetic expression of “popular wear” (Braga & Abreu, 2016). The present paper presents part of a literature review, the PhD study, about the aesthetic constitution expressed in clothing and fashion, with the main focus being the Brazilian publications on the aesthetic constitution of the Brazilian peripheral classes. Therefore, the objective of this article is to know the scientific areas and the research methods applied to study the aesthetics of the “popular feminine jeans”. With the accomplishment of this investigation, it is possible to affirm that the publications dealing with the Brazilian “popular classes” are developed from three main methods: ethnographic, discourse analysis and symbolic analysis. It was concluded that although the “popular classes” have formed a segment of great opportunities for successful negotiations and creative potential, there was a lack of fashion and semiotic studies on the aesthetics of female “popular jeans”. On that account, the importance of conducting fashion investigations that seek to understand the aesthetic expression of the Brazilian “popular classes” and their consumption behaviors.