Indonesia is arguably one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse countries in the world. It may mean there is a wealth of legacy, but there is also stark contrast, which can potentially lead to social conflict and tensions between social identities. Contemporary advancement in computation and information technology revisits this. People with different cultural expressions are no longer separated from each other, and ‘budaya-indonesia.org’, as a computational platform, helps intercultural exchange grow even stronger. It encourages electronic and digital recording of every aspect of every Indonesian culture. It is vastly participatory, decentralized, distributed, and on top of that, social. Over the years, there have been many things delivered from the vast amount of cultural data available, such as the fractal batik innovation and taxonomical or relational mappings of cultural expressions. Nonetheless, it is also a form of protection. It helps Indonesians against intentional malicious claims that, from time to time, attempt to exploit certain parts of a traditional culture as an exclusive property of an individual, commercial or even national entity from Indonesia.