The Hunting Search (HuS) method is an emerging metaheuristic optimization algorithm, which has been employed to deal with numerous challenging tasks during the last years. HuS algorithm is inspired by the underlying principles of the group hunting of animals such as lions, wolves, and dolphins. This numerical technique imitates the way of hunting process that takes place when hunters encircle the prey and gradually tighten the ring of siege until they catch the prey. Each member of the group corrects its position based on its own position and the position of other members for hunting similar to the optimum design process which seeks to find the optimum solution. In the present chapter, we will provide an introduction to the HuS algorithm. We will present the original version of the HuS algorithm in the pseudo-code form and its source code in Matlab, and in C++ programming language. Design examples are considered to demonstrate the efficiency of the algorithm presented. The results indicate that the proposed method is a powerful search and optimization technique. It yields better solutions compared to those obtained by some current algorithms when applied to continuous problems.