The Secretary, Mr. Edwards, being prevented by illness from attending his duty on this occasion, the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Treasurer, undertook the office of communicating the proceedings of the Committee, and transactions relative to the interests and purposes of the Society, since their last General Meeting. He stated, that Mr. Park, “under the permission granted to him, had published a detailed account of his journey from Pisania to Sillah, and the public opinion on the merits of this work, called for acknowledgment, that it had been accomplished in a manner creditable to the author, and honourable to his employers.” Sir Joseph observed, that the recital of discoveries and events throughout, 214bore every mark of veracity; that the remarks and observations interspersed, were intelligent and unassuming; and that the whole was conveyed in a stile unaffected, clear, and such as might distinctively and properly be termed “the language of truth.” In such language, Mr. Park’s character bore a representation which did honour to him, and reflected credit on the choice of the Society. Strength to make exertions; constitution to endure fatigue; temper to conciliate; patience under insult; courage to undertake hazardous enterprise, when practicable; and judgment to set limits to his adventure, when difficulties were likely to become insurmountable, were every where exemplified in his book.