Special vehicles are used for special purposes and exceed the design vehicle limit in terms of dimensions, weight, and so on. Its reliability requirement is higher than ordinary vehicles, such as emergency ambulances and fire-fighting trucks. Failure of 228key parts will not only cause inconvenience to users but also will endanger people’s lives. The reliability test is significant in developing vehicles and an important way to verify the structural reliability of a vehicle. It is also a key method to obtain reliability data and a basis to carry out reliability design and analysis (Chen and Zhou, 2017a). Automobile durability is a reliable guarantee of automobile manoeuvrability. It usually refers to the distance or time that an automobile travels before overhaul or scrapping. On the other hand, the durability of an automobile is an indispensable asset to evaluate an automobile’s quality (Chen and Zhou, 2017b). The durability test is a key means to assess reliability and driving lifetimes of devices, especially for vehicles. The expected service time of vehicles can be reasoned by the testing outcomes of a vehicle’s durability testing, which, however, is usually accomplished in a shorter time (Murthy, 2010). The failure mode of vehicles in a durability test is the same as the condition on road. It can achieve the purpose of rapid life test.