Despite comprehensive studies that have reported on the impact of pulsed electric fields (PEF) on the safety, nutrition, sensory, and physicochemical properties of vegetables, juices, and red meat, little research has been reported to address the effect of PEF on aquatic resources such as fish and shellfish. PEF treatment even at low PEF strength can have a significant impact on the structure of seafood; therefore, PEF is not effective for elimination of harmful bacteria without imparting negative effects on the tissue structure. PEF was found to be a particularly beneficial technology for the extraction of valuable compounds such as protein, pigments, and carbohydrates from various aquatic species such as algae, abalone, and kelp through electroporation of cells and release of the intracellular materials. Utilising PEF for extraction purposes improves the process efficiency by using less organic solvents and improving the process speed and cost. The full potential of PEF applications in the seafood industry is yet to be fully realized.