The research aims to reveal the meaning of “blonde hair“ symbolism, and its relationship with Patrick Bateman’s defense mechanism in the film American Psycho, directed by Mary Harron in 2000. The main source of this research is a DVD film downloaded from www.thepiratesbay.se using Torrent application software. The reason it becomes the main source of this research, because it has a complete scene without editing or cutting the scene.

This research uses quantitative methods. The data analysis of this research uses structuralism theory from A.J Greimas, whose actantial scheme uses the narrative to determine the semiotic aspects of a symbol along with Patrick Bateman’s victims in the film and what drives Patrick Bateman to kill (or to fantasize about killing).

In order to strengthen the results of this research, psychology analysis from Freud is used to explain the defense mechanism of Patrick Bateman. The hypothesis of this analysis is about displacement, one of the defense mechanism types released by Patrick’s love, hate, suppressed, murder instinct, killing satisfaction, etc.