Based on the vibration isolation mechanism, the influence of blocking mass and damping material on vibration-isolating performance is analyzed. By combining blocking mass and damping material, the compound vibration isolating technology of foundation structure is proposed. The FE (finite element) model which can be used in vibration transmission and radiation characteristic analyses is built. The isolation characteristics of single step arranged blocking mass, several steps arranged blocking masses are contrastively discussed. The noise and vibration reduction performance of the foundation laid with damping material is analyzed as well. The results show that the vibration isolating performance of several steps arranged blocking masses is better than that of single step arranged blocking mass, and the constrained damping is better than free damping. Moreover, the compound vibration-isolating technology has a better vibration isolation effect than that of single design, especially in wideband. The research results are of great reference value for controlling vibration transmission and reducing vibration noise in foundation structure designs.