In present times, factors such as rising concerns of food wastage and growing consumer awareness about health-related issues are demonstrating an augmenting demand for antimicrobial active packaging (AAP). As consumers are demanding products that are of high quality, safe, and convenient, food companies are looking for new ways to preserve and extend the shelf life of food products. Considerable research has gone into the development of antimicrobial active packaging solutions to extend the shelf life of food products. In particular, the antimicrobial metal-based NPs such as silver, copper, titanium oxide, and zinc oxide nanoparticles have received significant attention regarding their antimicrobial activity. The application of nanotechnologies in food packaging materials has the potential to tackle current food industry issues such as shelf-life extension, increased safety, and food waste reduction while also reducing associated environmental impacts. Despite these benefits, for the uptake of these novel technologies, uncertainties regarding health and safety issues need to be elucidated. This book chapter presents some of the most recent successes in applying various nanomaterials and tools in the development of AAP and its potential use in food packaging applications.